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A Church For All People!

Empowerment Liberation Cathedral is an MCC Church



At Empowerment Liberation Cathedral we celebrate  our church being a welcoming and affirming, radically inclusive, LGBTQIA celebrated congregation, where ALL of God's children are welcomed. We create an atmosphere where all worshipers can experience the gift of God and the joy of Jesus. Everyone is invited to experience our worship - no matter your gender, race, age, sexual orientation, identification, handicap, or former faith background. All are affirmed and welcomed here! At Empowerment Liberation Cathedral our service is power packed with spirit-filled preaching and singing. It will be an experience your soul will always remember. Through liberation teaching and preaching, your daily life will be empowered.

Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams who has God's heart, loves all people, and is a fiery spirit-filled preacher - IS OUR PASTOR. Bishop Abrams is a dynamic leader and has founded Empowerment Liberation Cathedral for such a TIME as this, where "the cause has found her". Our pastor welcomes you to become a member of Empowerment LIberation Cathedral via internet/virtual or in person. We offer Bible Study and worship via YouTube for all to experience.

Visit us if you live in or near the Silver Spring, MD area and wish to experience a church where the power of God prevails and liberation is what we offer, through Christ our Lord. We worship in the sanctuary of the Church of the Ascension, 633 Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910. 


SERVICE TIME: Sundays 1:00pm EST. at 633 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910 (Ascension Church)

[parking is in the rear, Silver Spring Ave, on the school's parking lot & in front of the church] 


***ELC Worship Streams Live on Sundays at 1:25pm EST on (search Bishop Abrams)

 ***ELC Messages Stream Live on Periscope at 1:35pm EST on periscope app (@bishopallysonabrams)

NOTE: Worship service recordings will be on Empowerment Liberation Cathedral YouTube Channel within 24 hours of the worship.

We will also broadcast the service on LiveStream channel within 24 hours after services are over. We will post it on FB the time of airing.



Join us for Conference Call "Word Wednesday" Study at 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST/4:30pm PST on (712)432-0933 code 833306#! Join us each Wednesday for an empowering study!

*Notifications of Word Wednesday Bible Study recordings will be placed on the church's FB page.


2 important Word Wednesday Bible Studies you can hear by clicking the link below.

- Word Wednesday study on Leviticus 18 & Leviticus 20 taught by 1st L, Bishop Diana Williams


- Word Wednesday study on Romans 1:24-28 taught by Bishop Allyson Abrams


-Worship Service Samples



Jan. 17, 2016 @1P - Dr. King & Bayard Rustin Sunday


Feb. 7, 2016 @1p - SuperBowl Sports Jersey Sunday

Feb. 21, 2016 @1p - STUD Sunday 

March 6, 2016 @1P - Women's History Month Sunday

March 20, 2016 @1P - Palm Sunday

March 27, 2016 @1P - Easter/Resurrection Sunday

April 24 - May 1, 2016 2nd Year Anniversary Week at ELC

April 29, 2016 @7P - Night of Praise

May 1, 2016 @1P 2nd Year Anniversary of ELC 






We would LOVE to have you support our church. We are looking for :

1) Ministry Partners - persons who believe in what we offer and the ministry that we provide for God's people.

2) One Time Givers - persons who see the vision and want to make a one time donation to sow a seed to help us continue our ministry to God's people. 

3) Resource Givers - person who may not want to give financially, but will give items to bless this ministry and allow us to be able to minister to the masses across the world. (Ex. purchasing laptop for praise & worship songs, announcements, etc., purchasing a projector for praise & worship songs, announcements, etc., purchasing promotional material to continue publicity of our church, assisting us to get into newspapers, magazines, etc. for visibility to the community to make persons who need our ministry aware that we are here .....)


Financially Support Empowerment Liberation Cathedral by clicking on this link/website below -

****Proceeds of funds will go to ministry needs, outreach and social justice activities.***

**All donations are tax-deductible.**





*Praise Team/Music Ministry

*Praise Dance Ministry

*HIV/AIDS Ministry

*Social Justice Ministry

*Media Ministry

And more.........


Our Pastor - Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams

BIO for Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams

Bishop Abrams is the founder and current pastor of Empowerment Liberation Cathedral. Her background in education began at Howard University in Washington, DC where she graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science In Mechanical Engineering (BSME). Dr. Abrams attended law school at Miles Law School for 2 years and then accepted her call to ministry. She received her Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary in 2000 and received her Doctor of Ministry from United Seminary in 2005 with a focus on Worship. Dr. Allyson Abrams is the founder of a non-profit community development corporation, Speak The Truth Economic Empowerment Corporation and also she founded MyVision Corporation. Bishop Abrams founded Speak The Truth Baptist Church in 2001 and pastored the church for 7 years. Then Bishop Abrams was called as the first female pastor in the church’s 55 year history, to be the senior pastor of Zion Progress Baptist Church in Detroit, where she served for over 5 years This occasion was historic because it made her the youngest female to be voted in by a congregation, as senior pastor, in any Black Baptist Church in Detroit!. She is the author of two (3) books – Being On The Wheel in the Midst of Seminary , Worship Beyond Sunday Morning , and God Can Still Use You. Dr. Abrams was known in some arenas for her voice; she used to sing with the Young Adult Fellowship Ensemble at Metropolitan - under the gospel artist, Richard Smallwood. She has sang in many ensembles and choirs throughout her 43 years of life. Bishop Abrams was honored to have 2 sermons published in a global preacher’s magazine, The African American Pulpit.  Dr. Abrams has preached in many pulpits across the United States and is known for her fiery, stirring, messages. She is often requested to pray on programs and conferences because of the electrifying prayers that she gives. Dr. Abrams has also been trained in politics. She was 1 of 24 people selected across the entire state of Michigan for a Political Fellowship in 2006 with Michigan State University. She was elected to the School Board of Oak Park,  MI and served as the President of the Board for 1 year of her term. She served as Vice President of the NAACP in South Oakland County, MI. She served as the Secretary for The Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit, MI. She also served as a Police Chaplain for the Detroit Public Schools.  Bishop Abrams has impacted many ministers while working as an adjunct professor at Ashland Theological Seminary, Detroit campus for over 7 years. She worked as an adjunct professor with Wayne County Community College and as a doctoral mentor at Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Dr. Allyson Abrams was named as one of the “Who’s Who of Black Detroit” in 2006 and 2010. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Order of Eastern Star. Bishop Abrams is the proud mother of 3 adult children and the spouse of Bishop Diana Williams. Bishop Abrams' passion and gift is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping God’s people. Because of her service in ministry and to the community, she was named Alumni of the Year at United Theological Seminary (2012).  In 2012 she received the Pastor’s Salute Honor from the Michigan Chronicle newspaper for her excellent work at the church and in the community. Dr. Abrams has preached on national stages and is fondly known as the female preacher who will “bring it”. She was elevated in ministry and consecrated bishop in April 2012 and serves as presiding bishop of Pneuma Christian Fellowship. She will continue her social justice work and ministry at Empowerment Liberation Cathedral.


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A clip of our pastor's sermon 



Empowerment LIberation Cathedral (ELC) is a member of the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) denomination. 



Empowerment Liberation Cathedral (ELC) is an affiliate church of the

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptist Churches (AWAB)




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                       SONGS FOR THE WORSHIP SERVICE

**Shekinah Choir's "We Sing Praise"

We sing praises to the King
for He is the King of Kings.
We sing praises to the King
for He is the King of Kings.

Give Him glory for He is the King.
Give Him glory for He is the King of Kings.

All hail King Jesus!
All hail Emmanuel!

All hail King Jesus!
All hail Emmanuel!

He reigns forever,
He reigns forever,
He reigns forever and evermore.

Vamp 2
He reigns,
He reigns,
He reigns,
and ever more.

All hail King Jesus!


**Hezekiah Walker's "I Need You To Survive"

I need you, you need me

We're all a part of God's body

Stand with me, agree with me

We're all a part of God's body

It is his will that every need be supplied

You are important to me

I need you to survive (x2)


I pray for you, you pray for me

I love you, I need you to survive

I won't harm you, with words from my mouth

I love you, I need you to survive


It is his will that every need be supplied,

You are important to me

I need you to survive



Order Bishop Abrams' book "30 Days Before Saying I Do" on for $3.99. Download it to your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Tablet, etc and do the 30 days of prayer & affirmations.


Bishop Abrams also has another book that will bless you. "Worship Beyond Sunday Morning". You can find it on




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