The Empowerment Liberation Cathedral is called to be a welcoming, inclusive community of faith, gathered to worship, praise, serve and to share God's love and hope. Our primary mission is to reach all persons and express to all God’s love and grace upon them. We extend the power of Jesus Christ to transform their lives through salvation. We teach and give messages where all persons will experience spiritual transformation and liberation through Jesus Christ. At Empowerment Liberation Cathedral we teach spiritual principles where we empower God’s people to become the church. We express our power to transform lives through programs, services, advocacy and community action. The Members of our Church, with all the faith our Christian growth makes possible, do Covenant together in the presence of God to:

  • Worship together seeking spiritual growth, inspiration and inner peace;

  • Develop a close relationship with God

  • Practice inclusiveness and openness to provide a sense of worthiness and acceptance of all people

  • To proclaim to all the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ through deed and word

  • To be open and sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst

  • To affirm our journey together, in our diversity, for justice, peace and healing, throughout all of God's creation

  • To grow with one another, building our future out of past memories and present hopes

  • To attend the services of this church and to share in its work, support, and ministries

  • To love and support one another

  • To forgive and trust one another

  • To pray for and with one another

  • Minister faithfully and effectively to one another as an extended family within the local community